Team Facilitation A Crucial Role for Team Leaders

By creating a culture of feedback and experimentation, you can foster a sense of ownership and innovation among your team members. Overall, digital facilitation tools are incredibly useful when it comes to running efficient interactive sessions between multiple people regardless of physical location or time zone differences. A new type of role emerged as we all started working online, and it’s called the “digital facilitator.” This person is responsible for ensuring that meetings flow as smoothly as possible.

  • OneNote supports a more defined structure, as you can have several levels of notebooks, pages, and subpages.
  • It also scales well with large numbers of participants and it’s easy to invite people to the board in the middle of a session.
  • They combine their skills and expertise to track deviations, make improvements, refocus and change trajectory.
  • The task management function serves as a powerful tool to assign, track, and organize tasks efficiently within the team.
  • Take advantage of the leadership tools on this list to better manage and lead your remote team.

Furthermore, Slack also provisions for direct messaging, promoting more personal or immediate exchanges between individuals or smaller groups. This feature strongly supports one-on-one discussions or smaller team interactions, providing a separate avenue for confidential or specific conversation threads, thus positively augmenting the overall communication structure. Of course, asking the right questions requires you to bust out your active listening skills. Give the group space to burn through the ideas that come quickly, and pay attention to what they’re saying so you know which questions can get them to think deeper. But generally stay out of the discussion until it stalls out or starts going in circles. If they’re a strong detractor or feel particularly strongly about the session, you’ll be glad you shared the agenda and purpose in advance and gathered their input before the meeting.

Leadership Training Software #5 – Evolve

There are many options available, but not all of them are suitable for every type of meeting. Consider factors such as the size of your team, the purpose of your meeting, the features you need, the compatibility with other tools, and the cost and security of the software. You can also ask for feedback from your team members or test out different software with a small group before making a final decision.

Additionally, Basecamp excels in file sharing, enabling quick exchange of documents, images, and essential files without the need for external apps. Most notably, Basecamp enhances overall team agility by consolidating project components into a single platform. This enables teams to adapt to changes, address issues, and respond efficiently to challenges, leading to more efficient teamwork and improved project outcomes. In most cases, it is necessary to inform the client about the process that you are planning, and, in general, to maintain steady communication to make sure that all preparations go smoothly. The best facilitators are in contact with their clients throughout the process and may even get in contact with some of the participants. Good communication at all levels is absolutely integral for a good facilitator and anyone involved in group facilitation.


These tools include robust version control, issue tracking, merge request management, continuous integration and deployment, code review, and security testing, among others. GitLab’s seamless integration of these tools within the platform streamlines the development process, boosting productivity and reducing errors. Additionally, Jira’s detailed backlog management system streamlines task prioritization and organization.

team leader facilitation software

A carefully crafted agenda must take into account how much time can be allocated for each activity during a session. Remember, the group has a goal, and individual differences will need to be handled to achieve that. Given the time and scope of the session, not every interpersonal difference can or should be resolved; however, it is important that you know the right techniques and group processes for diffusing tension. Sometimes this might mean breaking up the work into smaller groups, taking a break, shifting perspectives or changing the scenery, etc.

How do you train and support your team members to use meeting facilitation software effectively?

Integrated into Google’s G Suite, Google Meet seamlessly connects with Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more. This simplifies scheduling and joining meetings directly from these familiar platforms, especially benefiting businesses already using G Suite. Most of the time your client will have a natural interest in knowing the process and agenda for your meeting. Therefore, it is important to keep your clients updated throughout the design process for their peace of mind. This also offers a chance to get further insights about the goals and the group, helping you to come up with the right session design. There are numerous minor tasks and to-dos on the logistic side of preparing a workshop.

Invision’s free plan is suitable for individuals and small teams and supports up to 3 active users working on up to 3 documents and unlimited freehands. There are plenty of apps that allow you to write down thoughts, sync them across devices and share them with your colleagues. Collaborating across devices and ecosystems with peace of mind and advanced security features makes Box a worthwhile alternative to some of the basic file storage options above. Working with colleagues in a virtual office can create a surprisingly strong sense of community and connection. Gallup specifically offers a CliftonStrengths for Managers Report to help you better lead your team.


Nearpod has a free version that allows 100MB of storage, 40 students per session, and 20+ formative assessments too. Absolutely check it out if you’re a teacher or a facilitator regularly working with students. The forms look fresh and modern, promising that users are more likely to enjoy the survey experience and complete it. It also offers some great insights on response rates and team leader facilitation software question drop-offs to help you improve your surveys and polls. Google Forms allow you to create unlimited surveys with 6 types of questions and skip logic that can guide your participants through your survey depending on their answers. We’ve found Mural one of the best solutions for creating visually pleasing whiteboards and it’s been used by many conference organizers as a result.

team leader facilitation software

Meanwhile, the facilitator makes sure the group process is working and everyone has a voice. The result is well worth having – successful outcomes steered in the right direction by a more cohesive group. They help everyone around the table remain present and stay focused, so their attention is directed solely towards the matter in hand. Their objectivity (inherent in their role) can provide relevant, new insight for you and your team. They are often adept at asking questions that uncover what is obvious once described – revealing what might be hidden in plain sight.

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Facilitation is about believing the group has the tools and skills needed to solve its own problems. Trusting the group can be difficult, especially if you are also an expert in the content, or perhaps a manager, and feel you might have some answers yourself. Any group of people has its own dynamics dependent on the specific interrelations between its members.

team leader facilitation software

By providing ongoing support, you can help your team members feel valued and motivated to use the meeting facilitation software to its full potential. Fellow is a meeting management software that is an all-around superstar when it comes to enabling any type of in-person, asynchronous, or virtual meeting. While it primarily helps you build and distribute collaborative meeting agendas, you can also use it to track meeting activities and integrate it with the rest of your team’s productivity stack.

Axis Workshops

Additionally, Google Meet offers many standard features such as breakout rooms, attendance tracking, and live streaming. While it may not be as robust as some of the other tools on this list, it is easy to use and requires little setup. Breakout groups for workshops might not be as intuitive as Zoom, but it’s easy to run conference-style sessions with speakers, Q&As and presentations.

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